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The Story of Pashmina

Why all the well-known fashion authorities name pashmina as the new status symbol? What makes pashmina so special that the top fashion magazines deem pashmina shawl as "fashions cult accessory of the moment" ? Pashmina... The softest, lightest and the most luxurious fiber ever created. The true pashmina is the wool from the neck and the underbelly of the "Capra Hircus" goat that thrives only in Himalayan plateaus at 12000-14000 feet. The high altitude, the climate, the goat's special genetics together with the food they eat enable it to grow this unbelievably soft, light and silky wool called cashmere. Although it is new to the West, in India and Nepal it has appealed for generations. Wealthy families certainly included pashmina for their daughter's dowry. So we would like to invite you to indulge yourself with beautiful, featherweight "pashmina shawls". The softest, ultimate touch of the world... Pashmina...

Retail or Wholesale
The pashmina shawl is a perfect gift for yourself or for someone special. Shawls, wraps and fashion accesories have become the most popular way of saying "You're Special" to someone who is your special. For any occasion such as weddings, birthdays, valentine's days and just for any reason, you may order our pashmina shawls and ask for gift wrap at no additional cost. Especially the wedding shawls make perfect gift for your bridesmaids. 
Since the holiday season is approaching, it is time for you to make your gift list and make people happy with these lovely shawls as holiday gifts..

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